The CAL Accreditation process

How it works

Businesses wanting to become CAL accredited must go through an accreditation process assessing their technical competence, financial capacity and ethical behaviour.

Their core competencies are identified in the range of Categories, Groups and Sub Groups on offer.

Categories include:

    The financial rating recognizes the upper limits of individual contracts they may undertake.

    Financial capacity is assessed by a panel of independent financial consultants, with all financial information being kept in strictest confidence between CAL’s staff and the consultants.

    CAL’s fees are based on the ratings awarded. The higher the rating, the higher the fee. The current fees range from $348 for a $50,000 rating to $2,953 for ratings over $25 million.

    The final decision on the accreditation to be awarded is made by the assessment panel whose members are drawn from the broader industry and who have no conflict with the applicant.

    The assessment panel members do not see the applicant’s financial information.

    All decisions by the assessment panel or the financial consultants may be reviewed at the applicant’s request.

    Full details of the process can be found in the Policy and Rules for Accreditation