Why Register?

The Northern Territory government requires CAL accreditation as a prequalification for most contractors and sub contractors seeking work above the value of $50,000. Other clients have followed the government's lead and are giving preference to accredited contractors and sub contractors. CAL accreditation is therefore a strong marketing tool for businesses seeking work in the Territory. On a wider scale, CAL accreditation provides a framework for the building and construction industry to regulate itself by applying its own standards. This helps provide a level playing field for genuine contractors.

The scheme has been designed to work for competent and capable contractors and sub contractors in a straightforward and transparent way. Over 2500 businesses have sought accreditation since CAL was established in February 1995. Nearly two thirds have achieved the ratings that they sought, with most others gaining lower ratings. To date, over 70 businesses have either failed to meet CAL's criteria and been refused accreditation or have failed to maintain appropriate standards and have had their accreditation withdrawn.